Phew! It’s been a long weekend!! Tutti Frutti Yogurt successfully rocked it at Wango Tango  this past Saturday May 15, 2010, and we had a blast.  Our crew headed out to Los Angeles at 8 in the morning to set up next to the autograph stage, and we worked all day handing out yogurt and goodies and mingling with all of our fans.  At the end of the day, we gave away over 7,000 cups of free Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt, 200 gift certificates, and 300 t-shirts.  There were so many awesome people who came by and hung out with us, and we even got to meet some big stars from Wango Tango.  It was a great event and we’re exhausted here at headquarters, but, there’s no rest for the weary! Aside from resuming to our daily schedules, we’re busy planning for new and exciting projects for this upcoming summer.  Stay tuned for more blog posts and updates!  Until then, check out a few of our pics from Wango Tango:

Our booth! We started throwing out our Tutti Frutti t-shirts and the crowd went WILD!

The Staples Center

The lovely Charise! She is so talented, we’re definitely fans here at Tutti Frutti!


The beautiful Auburn!

Here at Tutti Frutti Headquarters we’re all about working hard to produce top-quality frozen yogurt and to deliver it around the world.  Needless to say, our workweek is packed with processing orders for our stores, quality controlling our products, researching and designing new flavors, and all around just keepin’ busy!

But we’re not just about work, Tutti Frutti knows how to get down too (well, kinna)!  Last Friday we had a BBQ together for all of our employees here at headquarters.  We held championship ping-pong battles in the warehouse (our CEO kicked butt!) and basketball games and then cooked up some yummy tri-tip steak for some mean sandwiches.  It was a great way to end a week.

Company BBQ @ Tutti Frutti Headquarters!

Intense ping pong matches! That’s our CEO on the right kicking some butt!

On Monday, though, we were back on our regular, hectic schedules.  Checking in at a wee 8:30 AM, we immediately headed into our meetings, ran around frantically to take care of invoices and frozen yogurt supply orders that were coming in locally and internationally, and planned new and upcoming events for the company.  In between all of that, we are also in the midst of preparing for the biggest event for Tutti Frutti Yogurt yet— the 2010 WANGO TANGO CONCERT coming up this Saturday, May 15 2010 at the Los Angeles Staples Center!! Taking a break from the manic Monday, our Marketing Team headed out to Los Angeles to get a sneak peak at our booth location.  Check out our pictures below from our adventure!

If you’re coming out to Wango Tango this weekend, come find us at our booth in the Wango Tango Street Village between the Nokia Plaza and Staples Center. We’re raffling off some awesome prizes like an IPod Touch! We’l also be giving away cool Tutti Frutti tshirts, water bottles, paper fans and of course, our delicious Original Tart and Acai Berry frozen yogurt. We’re beyond excited and we hope to see you there!

Scouting out Tutti Frutti’s booth location for Wango Tango this Saturday, May 15 2010.  Here’s one of our marketing guys in front of the Nokia Plaza!

The Los Angeles Staples Center!

That’s where we’ll be!! Come look for Tutti  Frutti Yogurt this Saturday, May 15 2010!!

Last Saturday, May 1st, the  Tutti Frutti & O’ My Buns in Carmel Mountain, California celebrated its one year anni!  The store decked out and offered a sweet $1 frozen yogurt promotion.  It was a beautiful afternoon down in sunny San Diego county for a celebration, and the locals sure agreed that it was a perfect day for some frozen yogurt.  From the moment they opened their doors until the very last drop of spilled yogurt was cleaned up, the Carmel Mountain Tutti Frutti store was PACKED!  Good job you guys!  We’re so excited for Carmel Mountain Tutti Frutti & O’ My Bun’s success.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported TF!

Check out the line! It was stretching all the way past the door!

The lines didn’t stop once you made it in the store either!

The Carmel Mountain TF girls are hard at work. Awesome work, team (:

This lil guy can’t wait to dig into the toppings!

If you’re in the San Diego area, be sure to come by the Carmel Mountain Tutti Frutti & O’ My Buns for some tasty treats! We’d love to see you!

Tutti Frutti & O’ My Buns (Carmel Mountain)

11738 Carmel Mountain Rd.#182
San Diego, CA 92128

(858) 924-9696

What do Usher, Justin Beiber, B.O.B, Ryan Seacrest and Tutti Frutti Yogurt all have in common? Besides the fact that we’re all super cool (get it? Frozen yogurt is icy and cold and…hmm, nevermind), we are all also going to be at KIIS FM’S 2010 WANGO TANGO CONCERT!!  That’s right, your favorite frozen yogurt store is sponsoring this year’s Wango Tango, the hottest annual concert in Southern California featuring poppin’ celebrities like Usher, Justin Beiber, B.O.B, Adam Lambert, and more.  This year’s Wango Tango will be held at the Staples Center in LA on Saturday May 15, 2010.  The date is fast approaching, so get your tickets now at before they sell out!

Tutti Frutti will have our own booth at Wango Tango, so come visit us for free t-shirt, gift certificate, water bottle and fan giveaways and a chance to win a brand new Apple Ipod Nano. And of course, we will be giving out free taster cups of our Original Tart and Acai frozen yogurt so that you can cool off your Beiber Fever (;

Want to win a pair of FREE tickets to Wango Tango?? Follow us on Twitter @tfyogurt and RETWEET the following msg: Wanna go to Wango Tango? Follow @tfyogurt, retweet this message and you’ll be entered to win 2 FREE tickets! Details here . We will announce the winner on May 13, so stay tuned and keep retweeting to get the word out!  Check out our Facebook Fan Page at for more details!

See you there!!

March 25, 2010

tfyogurt’s Textyle

March 25, 2010

tfyogurt’s Textyle.

Welcome to Tutti Frutti Yogurt!

Thank you very much for your interest in our company and products.

Tutti Frutti is a specialty frozen yogurt retailer with over 100 upcoming stores nation and world wide (California, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Hawaii, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Tahiti, Mexico and etc). Tutti Frutti is projecting to open approximately 150 locations by the end of 2009.

Well Spring Inc. supplies Tutti Frutti with cutting-edge soft serve machines on a wholesale basis. Additionally, Tutti Frutti is a sister company of yoflavor, which is a manufacturer and wholesaler of yogurt mixes and flavoring. Currently with over 50 flavors, yoflavor continues its innovation by constantly creating new and unique flavors to set them apart from their competition.

There are several reasons why YoFlavor yogurt has become very popular across the world. The taste of our yogurt is one of the best that is available in the market today. Moreover, there are substantial health benefits to eating frozen yogurt rather than ice cream and other desserts. For more information on our products, please visit our website

The self serve frozen yogurt concept has really become a hit in major cities across the world. If you are interested in a great business opportunity with Tutti Frutti, please take a moment of your time to call one of our friendly sales associates. They will be happy to assist you with any information you need in order to open a Tutti Frutti store in your area. To learn more about Tutti Frutti, please visit our Tutti Frutti website, www. We hope to see you become a part of the Tutti Frutti family.


Jay Kim (CEO/President)

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March 25, 2010

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